I love capturing moments in life for people!


I first learned photography in 2001 by using traditional film and darkroom processing, which led to a strong foundation once I decided to transition to digital. Having lived in Florida most of my life, I moved to Chicago in 2012 and started offering video professionally in 2013. My ultimate goal is to travel the world, using my photography/video skills as a means to do so... I would love to shoot a wedding in France one week, and then fly to Australia to shoot a band the next. I'm occasionally flown around the country to shoot weddings or promos, so that's a start, but for now I am mostly enjoying the lovely city of Chicago and the interesting variety of people that reside here.

I currently focus on weddings, though I also do a lot of event photography in general. I have shot a decent amount of bands and concerts, commercial/promo work, as well as food and restaurant photography (for about 1.5 years for a newspaper in FL). I trained in Illustration and minored in Photography, receiving my BA in 2003, which I believe has helped me to "see the shot" better than simply majoring in Photo. I stepped back from photography for a few years after my college education so I could become passionate about it again, while still retaining the technical knowledge and learning on my own, and have finally spent the last several years with a good combination of both.

For questions or inquiries, I may be reached via email at [email protected] 


~Christina Ostrye